Sonic Arts Workshops

Sonic Arts Workshops

These are a series of hands-on project-based workshops being offered by composer/sound artist/recording engineer Steven M. Miller on a range of topics related to sonic arts:

  • Arduino – Projects utilizing this popular micro-controller/interface board for interaction design and physical computing
  • Sensor systems – Sensor systems for interactive arts & media
  • Sonic circuits – Hand-built circuits for audio/sound art
  • Audio field recording/Phonography – Recording techniques/aesthetics for sound art, sound design, broadcast, documentary projects
  • Soundwalks – Participatory experiences of sound and place
  • Groups of 5-20 participants
  • Half-, full-, and multi-day formats
  • Flexible pricing

See the Workshops page for more detailed information.

Workshops are tailored to the interest and skill levels of the participants and are appropriate for sound artists, composers, hobbyists, hackers, phonographers, media artists, and students, professionals, and researchers in sound/soundscape studies, interactive arts, and media production.

Contact me for booking, further information, and discussion.